Sunday, February 17, 2013

"Stress Free" Themed Birthday Celebration


My 27th: A Week Filled with Good Food, Love, Happiness, and Blessings

February 7 -- It's Thursday once again, a day I look forward to because of the bible study session with my Dgroup. I must admit that I was already expecting something from them. But I have no idea on what will be the theme for this night's session.

For the past meetings I had with my Dgroup, I have requested them to include in their prayers my new role at workSince I got this new role, my responsibilities in the office became heavier. Everything got more stressful. I started spending more than 12 hours in the office. Every morning when I wake up, I most of the time felt that I have to literally drag myself to work because I lack the motivation to go to the office because of my stressful project. These were the things I have repeatedly shared to my Dgroup for the past bible study sessions I had with them.

Surprisingly, my birthday celebration this night had a unique theme. Ayeen and Jen, thought of ways on how this night could be a stress free one for me. Everyone in the group was instructed to bring something that is very effective in removing their stress. Whatever they'll bring will be their birthday present to me. :) Ayeen brought ice cream, Sar gave me chocolates, Charm brought sansrival, and Jen gave me a cake. Looks like sweets are really an effective stress relievers for girls! Hehe! :)

Apart from the sweets they gave me, everyone prepared a bible verse for me! Thank you ladies! <3


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